This week

A thousand yellow daisies

Tis the vernal equinox. Y’all feel springy? I’ve been feeling the pressure to pack in all my TV catch up before “winter” (it never snowed here this year) is over. This morning I went back and forth on email about how to finish Empire this weekend and which show needs to be binge watched next. One of my 2015 resolutions may be reclaiming my downtime but I’m not necessarily sure I’m better for it. Cookie Lyon is an American dream, though. Highly recommended.


“The great bummer of living … is the realization that there are really fucking cool things tucked away in seemingly dumb places that I will die without having seen.” Six lived experiences with the lack of maternity leave in the US. Average women photoshopped. Fug Madness returns! White people are “expats”, non-whites are “migrants” (eye roll). Google exec called out for interrupting a woman….on a panel about diversity in tech. Rare photos of Seattle’s Black community. An oral history of that “a thousand yellow daisies” reference.


Insanely excited for the new Lip Sync Battle.


Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly (listen immediately)


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