2015 Goals: April

Marina selfie

Sailing on Lake Washington

Downtime: I’ve taken up coloring. I’ve never considered myself terribly artistic but a few friends started posting their projects on instagram and it looked so relaxing. Kat gifted me the Secret Garden postcards a while ago so once I selected some colored pencils from Amazon I was set to go. It’s been an absolute treat and something I really look forward to. Typically, Kat and Reuben take over the living room on Sunday evenings to watch Game of Thrones. Coloring has let me hang out with them even though GoT isn’t particularly my jam. What can I say? I prefer butterflies over decapitated heads.

Green Lake Park, Seattle

Liliac for days

Volunteer Park, Seattle

Exercise: Ellie’s 30 Day challenge was a solid improvement. Predictably, my enthusiasm waned mid-month but I stuck it out and worked out 15 days this month which is a notable improvement over my…..much lower number in previous months. I’ve always struggled with working out at home but managed to make that the cornerstone of my approach this month. I’m excited with that development and glad the Ann Friedman newsletter turned me onto the Living Room Floor, a tumblr full of awesome free work-outs.

Sunday night coloring

Travel: Flew down to Austin and saw all my love bugs. Congratulations again K & C, hope you had the best time in NOLA!

Say WHA?

How airplanes fly

“Mah stick”

Retirement: Writing last month’s round-up kicked me into action. Had a great meeting with my accountant and I’m pumped about the plan we put together. I’m (finally! only took five years!) rolling over my old 401(k) and setting up an investment account. It feels empowering and terrifying in equal measure.

Union Bay, Seattle

Arts: What a fun month! Spring is truly magic. Whipped through Amy Poehler’s Yes Please on my flight to Austin. The way home I finally finished Jesse Hagopian’s More Than a Score, an anthology of resistance to high stakes testing by teachers, parents, and students. I spent the rest of the month utterly consumed by Women in Clothes, a fascinating exploration of our relationship to dressing. The night after I returned from Texas I joined Siiri for America’s Test Kitchen Live! where we got to let our cooking nerd flags fly and soak up some Chris Kimball kitchen magic. My buddies in the Dip played an AMAZING album release show at the Tractor. Congratulations guys, you were the tightest I’ve ever seen you and all praise is richly deserved! Jessi and I said goodbye to April by absolutely fan girl-ing out to the incredible Kathleen Hanna last night. She is a deep well of inspiration repeatedly compelling the audience to take the ideas of feminism and advance them forever. Her unconditional support for women and girls challenges all to do more.

Kathleen Hanna, Neptune Theater, Seattle

Out and About: Pizzeria Gabbiano

Pizzeria Gabbiano, Seattle

The brilliant minds behind Il Corvo have opened a second lunch spot once again making those of us with downtown lunch access the envy of our friends and neighbors. My #1 lil’ sissy Ratches met up with me so we could dig into more goodness. Slices are available by the pound allowing you to pick the size of your slice. The flavor combinations are super seasonal with a few old stand bys. We’re both big veggie fans so were drawn to the spring combinations but couldn’t resist a bit of super salty mortadella. Grab a few slices, take a seat at the long table and enjoy!

Lunch options

Lunch for two

Pizzeria Gabbiano, Seattle

Pizzeria Gabbiano is open for lunch weekdays in Pioneer Square.

This week

Tine Belcher, a hero for all

I spent a lot of time thinking about women. How we look, our place in society, the constant critique and exposure that comes from existing. I originally picked up Women in Clothes a few months ago but ran out of time and had to return it to the library before I started it. Cracking it open this week has been a revelation. Freed from the frivolity of women’s magazines, here (finally!) is a serious, approachable conversation about how we think about and what we decide to wear. I love my clothes but I am not my clothes. The book is structured around a survey that digs to the emotional core of dressing. As a baby feminist I occasionally struggled with my evolving principles and worldview and deep love of the pretty. A well curated department store is just gorgeous. It’s pure pleasure, woefully lacking in every day life. I’ve reconciled those feelings (the heart wants what the heart wants) but couldn’t help but feel bolstered to read a thoughtful, insightful discussion of self-presentation in a world that has so much to say about what we look like.


“Unicorns will die, skies will fall, and parents’ basements will be resettled.” Chloe at 40. Sylvan Esso annotated. In case you needed a reason to burn it all down in a glorious feminist fire, the hard working folks at the Wall Street Journal reviewed traits men value in their wives vs their daughters. Reconciling with the formally single self.  A primer on Seattle’s new district election system. Dashboard nostalgia.


Clear eyes, full hearts, don’t rape. Julia Child remixed.


Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color (Have I obsessed to you about this album yet? IT’S AMAZING. Easily my current lead contender for Favorite Album of the Year)

Wet – Wet (an EP that left me wanting more)

This week


Why don’t you “just” adopt? Eloquent words on how to speak with loved ones struggling with infertility. For the love of BEC. The history of chola. Procrastination DOOM LOOP. Sitting in on sex ed.

HRC feminism.jpeg

Via WaPo’s Hillvetica auto-generator.

The Hillary Clinton reader for feminists who will never be ready for Hillary: Hillary Clinton’s Empowerment in Jacobin, Five Reasons No Progressive Should Support Hillary Clinton in Truthout, Clinton isn’t hiding her real crimes in Socialist Worker, build your own anti-hype mantra with Washington Post’s auto-generator.


Finally hopped on the Broad City train and OMGjoininimmediately. If you have ever been broke and in your 20s it will be perfectly, hilariously, way too real.


First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (I’ve listened to this song approx. 785,451,684 times in the last week.)

Phoebe Ryan – Ignition/Do You… (Mashup)

This week

Green, green grass

Back to the trenches. This working out every day thing is really exhausting. Well, clarification, the actual working out is good and I feel productive and all that #adulting jazz. (How annoying is it that everything they say about exercise is true? SO. Annoying.) The flip side is that I’ve collapsed into bed at 10:45 every night and promptly zonked out, dead to the world, until my alarm goes off the next morning and I struggle to open my eyes and comprehend how eight hours have passed. Also, my hamstrings are hella tight. If you’ve got some advice for that particular middle class lament, hit a sister up. See you at the gym, slackers.


Organizing first gen college students. Billie Holiday and Ethel Rosenberg. How to actually be helpful in difficult situation. Confess your love for monograms. The Cut has a hilarious new series on instagram envy.

Sent by a reader: 30 da(te)s of online dating (grab the popcorn).


Lili Loofbourow’s profile of Tatiana Maslany reminds me that I really need to catch up on Orphan Black. Behind the scenes at Dior.


Alvvays – Alvvays (this album makes me want to drive around with the sunroof open drinking iced coffee)

96 Hours in Austin

South Congress, Austin

What a weekend it was! I touched down in Texas Friday afternoon and was greeted by a wave of warm, muggy air that didn’t let up until Sunday. A gaggle of girlfriends from high school and beyond piled into an AirBnB rental and we prepared to marry off our own darling, K. K and C, an Austin native, asked me to officiate their ceremony in the front yard of C’s childhood home. Such an awesome community vibe. I warned them when I agreed that I wouldn’t be able to hold it together. I’m a wedding crier, what can I say? True to form, I made it about seven seconds before my voice started to break. The whole weekend was triumphant celebration of love, friendship, family, and the steadfastness of relationships over time.

Spending time in Austin is always a laid-back adventure in eating and exploring. I stayed an extra day to give myself a chance to see other Austin friends (thanks to the awesome Elissa for making it possible!) and, let’s be honest, eat more. Crammed in more tacos and one of the best banana splits I’ve ever had. Vegan or not, Sweet Ritual makes some of the best ice cream around!

Sub Pop Records, SeaTac

Stubb’s BBQ at Mean Eyed Cat, Austin

Becoming beeeeeautiful butterflies


…sort of


K’s gorgeous tablescape


Pergola hand built by C’s dad

Natty love

Texas wildflowers

Texas chic

After hours

What’s cooler than being cool?

I said, what’s cooler than being cool?


[No alcohol was harmed in the making of these photos]

Clive, Austin

“Easter Brunch”, Torchy’s Tacos, Austin

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon, Austin

The insanely packed magic of Chicken Shit Bingo, Austin

Internet buddies IRL

Sweet Ritual Banana Split, Austin

This week


Each spring the National Network of Abortion Funds hosts a national bowl-a-thon to raise money for abortion funds across the US. I’ve joined a bowling team to help raise important and needed funds for the CAIR Project, a Seattle-based abortion fund that helps women in Washington, Alaska, and Idaho secure the funding and treatment they desire. A first trimester abortion can cost anywhere from $650- $1,000, all of which must be paid upfront. For many women the money alone represents an overwhelming burden. Travel, waiting periods, child care, inflexible work schedules, and lack of support only compound the struggle. Members of our bowling team have volunteered on the CAIR project hotline or have defended abortion clinics from anti-choice protesters. We’ve got skin in the game and need your support to keep going. Please consider donating to help women across the Northwest access the care they deserve.

Donate today!


Swedish dads, their kids, and what it means to have extended paternal leave. Hot tips for parents of fat kids (or any kids). Sally Draper, the best written child on television. The life and times of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Communication is the new ~digital~ momentRid your life of clutter (and all your possessions!)! “Flawless” and feminism. Missed connections for assholes. The overwhelming Blackness of To Pimp a Butterfly. The radiant Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on feminism in Vogue UK. Advice to your younger self.


Kelly Clarkson covering Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason”. Sylan Esso’s delightful Tiny Desk Concert (feel free to follow up with their even more charming Spotify Session).


Bluegrass covers (ohhhhh yeahhhhh)

Bing Crosby – Deep in the Heart of Texas (see you tomorrow, Tejas!)