This week

Green, green grass

Back to the trenches. This working out every day thing is really exhausting. Well, clarification, the actual working out is good and I feel productive and all that #adulting jazz. (How annoying is it that everything they say about exercise is true? SO. Annoying.) The flip side is that I’ve collapsed into bed at 10:45 every night and promptly zonked out, dead to the world, until my alarm goes off the next morning and I struggle to open my eyes and comprehend how eight hours have passed. Also, my hamstrings are hella tight. If you’ve got some advice for that particular middle class lament, hit a sister up. See you at the gym, slackers.


Organizing first gen college students. Billie Holiday and Ethel Rosenberg. How to actually be helpful in difficult situation. Confess your love for monograms. The Cut has a hilarious new series on instagram envy.

Sent by a reader: 30 da(te)s of online dating (grab the popcorn).


Lili Loofbourow’s profile of Tatiana Maslany reminds me that I really need to catch up on Orphan Black. Behind the scenes at Dior.


Alvvays – Alvvays (this album makes me want to drive around with the sunroof open drinking iced coffee)


3 thoughts on “This week

  1. Re: hamstrimgs, I don’t know if you want to hear that more exercise might be the answer, but I’ve been doing Rodney Yee’s core cross train yoga 1-2x/week (the restoration video, not the strength one) and it’s completely solved that problem for me. It’s also helped my lower back. Took a month before I noticed, though.

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