This week


Why don’t you “just” adopt? Eloquent words on how to speak with loved ones struggling with infertility. For the love of BEC. The history of chola. Procrastination DOOM LOOP. Sitting in on sex ed.

HRC feminism.jpeg

Via WaPo’s Hillvetica auto-generator.

The Hillary Clinton reader for feminists who will never be ready for Hillary: Hillary Clinton’s Empowerment in Jacobin, Five Reasons No Progressive Should Support Hillary Clinton in Truthout, Clinton isn’t hiding her real crimes in Socialist Worker, build your own anti-hype mantra with Washington Post’s auto-generator.


Finally hopped on the Broad City train and OMGjoininimmediately. If you have ever been broke and in your 20s it will be perfectly, hilariously, way too real.


First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (I’ve listened to this song approx. 785,451,684 times in the last week.)

Phoebe Ryan – Ignition/Do You… (Mashup)


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