This week

Tine Belcher, a hero for all

I spent a lot of time thinking about women. How we look, our place in society, the constant critique and exposure that comes from existing. I originally picked up Women in Clothes a few months ago but ran out of time and had to return it to the library before I started it. Cracking it open this week has been a revelation. Freed from the frivolity of women’s magazines, here (finally!) is a serious, approachable conversation about how we think about and what we decide to wear. I love my clothes but I am not my clothes. The book is structured around a survey that digs to the emotional core of dressing. As a baby feminist I occasionally struggled with my evolving principles and worldview and deep love of the pretty. A well curated department store is just gorgeous. It’s pure pleasure, woefully lacking in every day life. I’ve reconciled those feelings (the heart wants what the heart wants) but couldn’t help but feel bolstered to read a thoughtful, insightful discussion of self-presentation in a world that has so much to say about what we look like.


“Unicorns will die, skies will fall, and parents’ basements will be resettled.” Chloe at 40. Sylvan Esso annotated. In case you needed a reason to burn it all down in a glorious feminist fire, the hard working folks at the Wall Street Journal reviewed traits men value in their wives vs their daughters. Reconciling with the formally single self.  A primer on Seattle’s new district election system. Dashboard nostalgia.


Clear eyes, full hearts, don’t rape. Julia Child remixed.


Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color (Have I obsessed to you about this album yet? IT’S AMAZING. Easily my current lead contender for Favorite Album of the Year)

Wet – Wet (an EP that left me wanting more)


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