2015 Goals: April

Marina selfie

Sailing on Lake Washington

Downtime: I’ve taken up coloring. I’ve never considered myself terribly artistic but a few friends started posting their projects on instagram and it looked so relaxing. Kat gifted me the Secret Garden postcards a while ago so once I selected some colored pencils from Amazon I was set to go. It’s been an absolute treat and something I really look forward to. Typically, Kat and Reuben take over the living room on Sunday evenings to watch Game of Thrones. Coloring has let me hang out with them even though GoT isn’t particularly my jam. What can I say? I prefer butterflies over decapitated heads.

Green Lake Park, Seattle

Liliac for days

Volunteer Park, Seattle

Exercise: Ellie’s 30 Day challenge was a solid improvement. Predictably, my enthusiasm waned mid-month but I stuck it out and worked out 15 days this month which is a notable improvement over my…..much lower number in previous months. I’ve always struggled with working out at home but managed to make that the cornerstone of my approach this month. I’m excited with that development and glad the Ann Friedman newsletter turned me onto the Living Room Floor, a tumblr full of awesome free work-outs.

Sunday night coloring

Travel: Flew down to Austin and saw all my love bugs. Congratulations again K & C, hope you had the best time in NOLA!

Say WHA?

How airplanes fly

“Mah stick”

Retirement: Writing last month’s round-up kicked me into action. Had a great meeting with my accountant and I’m pumped about the plan we put together. I’m (finally! only took five years!) rolling over my old 401(k) and setting up an investment account. It feels empowering and terrifying in equal measure.

Union Bay, Seattle

Arts: What a fun month! Spring is truly magic. Whipped through Amy Poehler’s Yes Please on my flight to Austin. The way home I finally finished Jesse Hagopian’s More Than a Score, an anthology of resistance to high stakes testing by teachers, parents, and students. I spent the rest of the month utterly consumed by Women in Clothes, a fascinating exploration of our relationship to dressing. The night after I returned from Texas I joined Siiri for America’s Test Kitchen Live! where we got to let our cooking nerd flags fly and soak up some Chris Kimball kitchen magic. My buddies in the Dip played an AMAZING album release show at the Tractor. Congratulations guys, you were the tightest I’ve ever seen you and all praise is richly deserved! Jessi and I said goodbye to April by absolutely fan girl-ing out to the incredible Kathleen Hanna last night. She is a deep well of inspiration repeatedly compelling the audience to take the ideas of feminism and advance them forever. Her unconditional support for women and girls challenges all to do more.

Kathleen Hanna, Neptune Theater, Seattle


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