This week


I’m a total sham. I was super drawn to the gif of Peggy Olson (SPOILER ALERT) walking into McCann Erickson that I’m willing to draw the wrath of Amy’s constant texts urging me to catch up to share it with you. Peggy Olson is the hands down Queen of the Badasses. May we all strive to channel her forthright declaration of what she’s owed.


Reexamining The Wire in light of Baltimore. Elissa’s photos from her recent trip to the PNW. As the token female member of this action-adventure team, my job is to kick. Why I hate men. The NYT did an excellent piece on the seedy underbelly of nail salons (additional props for publishing in multiple languages).


Peggy Olson supercutThe British general election, explained.


Spring sprung ’15 (a playlist for warm evenings and flower walks)

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