Mother’s Day Weekend

Any weekend that begins with Sleater-Kinney and ends with celebrating my wonderful mom is going to be killer. My brother rolled into town to up the magic and brought sunshine and 70 degree days with him. Thanks Mike!

The Last Word and a Rye Manhattan, Zig Zag, Seattle

Kat and I kicked off Friday with a long overdue roommate date night at Zig Zag followed by Sleater-Kinney making our teenage riot grrrl dreams come true. I’m nominally against concert photos but Carrie Brownstein stood on top of the drum stand in a leather mini skirt and everything about feminism rang strong and true in my heart.

Punk rock with Kat

Sleater-Kinney, Showbox, Seattle

We celebrated an early Mother’s Day on Saturday. Breaking all convention my brother and mom worked together to produce an absolutely delicious smoked salmon Benedict and we lazed around for a bit. Later that afternoon, Siiri and Mike’s long time friend, L, came over for an extended family happy hour on the back porch. Ugh, I know, worst Saturday ever. After a couple glasses of Mike’s kitchen sink punch the “kids” split and headed out for dinner and an evening in gorgeous, sunny Seattle.

Saturday afternoon punch

Happy hour snacks

Capitol Hill Gothic

Goobery goober pt 1

Goobery goober pt 2

❤ Mikey ❤

Lil Woody’s, Seattle


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