This week

Boat St Cafe, Seattle

Birthdays are a Big Deal in the Land of Liz and the approach of 29 has not been without celebration. My parents treated me to a birthday dinner at Boat Street Cafe, a Seattle institution that’s closing in a few short weeks. It’s always fun to get some dedicated face time with T & K. Such is the curse of the eldest child, always a bit indignant that attention must occasionally be divided. I was blessed with wonderful parents that dole out encouragement and zingers in equal measure. My dad, in true dad form, always allows me the opportunity to pay the check before dramatically sighing and pulling out his wallet as if we didn’t all know he was going to pay all along. Thanks for stuffing your faces full of amaretto bread pudding with me. I love you.


No justice, no…anything. Do more things alone (its so glorious). The Closet Feminist. Angelenos “discover New York”. The durable and hilarious polemic of 9 to 5. Real food cut into perfect cubes. The “science” of daydreams. Rory and her not so hot life choices.


BB King live in Sing Sing prison.


Giorgio Moroder and Sia – Deja vu (Bump it.)


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