This week

Rosé lyfe.

BOOM. It’s summer. I drank rosé on the patio on Wednesday evening with bare arms and bare legs AND never got chilly. I came in because it got too dark to read at 9:30pm. PRAISE HANDS. We’re kicking off our semi-regular loose knit BBQ series tonight and it’s gonna be a blast. Summer is my #1 lovah.


John Malkovich being perfectly weird and hilarious. Spotify’s secret corners. How Old Navy came back from the dead. The NYT did a very nice and long overdue profile of (mostly white, ugh) female artists which would be phenomenal if it wasn’t a searing reminder of how salient this Guerrilla Girls poster remains. The left debate on Bernie Sanders. M.I.A. and FKA twigs on appropriation. Money lessons from Mom and Dad. The commodification of breast milk.


Seattle teachers held a totally awesome one day strike for education funding last week. Go SEA!


The Helio Sequence – The Helio Sequence (it’s only 35 min long but very good)

Made in Heights – Without My Enemy What Would I Do (yes yes yes)

Hot Chip – Why Make Sense? (all of the suggestions this week are variations on “hell yes, summer forever”)


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