This week


What a pair of weeks. June is the busiest month of the year here in glorious world of higher ed. Deadlines, graduation, budgets closing, annual meetings, the whole thing makes me want to lie down. Throw in the inevitable miscommunication or last minute tweak to plans or Shaelyn challenging everything I believe in re: self-determination by announcing her intent to purchase a romper and suddenly I’m in desperate need of some Solange lifespo. Don’t even get me started on this Rachel Dolezal nonsense. Time to turn off the internet and read a book. Here’s to a restorative weekend, friends.


Menwear Dog: everything great about the internet. #richkidsofinstagram and Western art. Stunning photos of girls raised in matriarchal village. Have a secret wedding pinboard? You’re not alone. I always feel a little WASPy when lamenting the lack of internet boundaries but really people, it’s not about you. Digital old masters.

Everything above is great but if you read one thing, read this: What Make a Woman Is Less Important Than What Makes a Feminist


Apologizing with Amy Schumer. The ‘Suffragette’ trailer!!!


Trails and Ways released their first full length album two weeks ago and I cannot.stop.listening. Here is their entire discography. Feel free to play in a loop. It’s a good life.

Pathology, 2015

Covers Tape EP, 2013

Trilingual EP, 2013

2015 Goals: May


Forever peonies

Downtime: I’ve been semi-consciously attempting to unstructure my weekends with moderate success. Over Memorial Day, I took two extra days to extend the long weekend into five glorious days of unfettered downtime. The weather oh-so-helpfully cooperated and I got to finish the sixth season of The Good Wife sans lingering guilt that comes with “wasting” sunny days.

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Celebrating 29, Boat St Cafe

Birthday sunset, Green Lake, Seattle

Exercise: The living room circus continues. I mentioned this development to a friend who mentioned he would pay money to watch Kat and I make fools of ourselves trying to do a bunch of push-ups. I won’t deny that it’s pretty hilarious. Beyonce jokes cost extra though.

Discovery Park, Seattle

The Dray, Seattle

Travel: Remember when I tried to pretend that I could go a whole year without leaving the country? I know, I know. It seemed possible and even prudent at the time. But then Siir invited me to visit her in Spain once she settles in a bit and that’s just too good to pass up. Sooooooo I’m going to Spain for 10 days or so in October. Hit me up with your best recos.

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Saturday mornings with Siir

Retirement: BOOM. Crushed this goal. After five years, I finally rolled over my private sector 401(k) into a Roth IRA. The tax hit was worth it for me but obviously consult a financial professional if you have questions. Cathy, my all-knowing finance guru, helped me draft an investment plan I’m super pumped about. I was prepared to write a fairly large check but it turns out that if I save another $5k before investing I hit a threshold that will keep my brokerage fees a handful of percentage points lower in the long run. So that’s my current plan. Save some more and then roll around in gold coins like Donald Duck.

Seriously though, peonies

Arts: This month I dug into an incredible biography of Karl and Jenny Marx, Love and Capital by Mary Gabriel. I’ve pretty much obsessed to everyone about how awesome this book has been. Gabriel draws on extensive primary source research to construct a lovely, approachable narrative that guides the reader through Marx’s political development and the political context that drove those conclusions. A top notch political biography and highly recommended. The 2015 concert calendar has organically evolved into a quality over quantity equation. Between sheltering my weekends and trying to save money for two relatively large goals (retirement and travel, as always) I’ve focused my time on the bands that mean the most to me. Kat and I saw Sleater-Kinney at the beginning of the month and it was super super awesome. As a pre-birthday treat I caught the closing weekend of the Seattle Rep’s run of “Outside Mullingar” which I found delightful but the Irish Times completely panned so your mileage may vary. Snuck in a great dance showcase by Whim W’him on the verrrrry last day of the month. Modern dance is still a bit elusive to me – I don’t feel like I have the vocabulary for it – but all good art makes you feel something, right? The showcase was wonderfully framed to allow for that kind of personal discomfort and exploration.

The Spanish Table, Seattle