This week


What a pair of weeks. June is the busiest month of the year here in glorious world of higher ed. Deadlines, graduation, budgets closing, annual meetings, the whole thing makes me want to lie down. Throw in the inevitable miscommunication or last minute tweak to plans or Shaelyn challenging everything I believe in re: self-determination by announcing her intent to purchase a romper and suddenly I’m in desperate need of some Solange lifespo. Don’t even get me started on this Rachel Dolezal nonsense. Time to turn off the internet and read a book. Here’s to a restorative weekend, friends.


Menwear Dog: everything great about the internet. #richkidsofinstagram and Western art. Stunning photos of girls raised in matriarchal village. Have a secret wedding pinboard? You’re not alone. I always feel a little WASPy when lamenting the lack of internet boundaries but really people, it’s not about you. Digital old masters.

Everything above is great but if you read one thing, read this: What Make a Woman Is Less Important Than What Makes a Feminist


Apologizing with Amy Schumer. The ‘Suffragette’ trailer!!!


Trails and Ways released their first full length album two weeks ago and I cannot.stop.listening. Here is their entire discography. Feel free to play in a loop. It’s a good life.

Pathology, 2015

Covers Tape EP, 2013

Trilingual EP, 2013


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