This week

For years I had zero “beauty routine”. I flipped past the beauty section in women’s magazines in my rush to get to the features. I strolled right past the lipstick and colorful compacts at the drug store. I nodded quietly at parties when people discussed curling irons. Blessed with good skin and tame-able hair I just sort of shrugged and went on with my life. Least you think I suffer from complete, all-encompassing vanity I also had no idea what I was doing. Mascara? You’re pretty straight forward. You can stay. Eye shadow and lip gloss? Sure, you seem simple enough and are also easy to bail on. But lipstick? That took me until 28 to figure out. Still stick to a small handful of tried and true shades. So when a co-worker gushed to me about her eyebrow experience at a salon in my neighborhood I was intrigued but also sheepish. I made an appointment online for a weeknight Kat isn’t typically home. I wasn’t exactly embarrassed it just seemed like something that shouldn’t take the vast majority of my 20s to figure out. Turns out I have what the esthetician called “good brows” (#blessed) so I’ve been living my own She’s All That story arc without realizing it. The next day I tried to capture my freshly curated brows in a selfie for a girlfriend with much more experience and the results were comical. There just isn’t a way to capture your eyebrows that doesn’t make you look like a cross eyed goofball. Selfies, saving us from ourselves!


#HowIQuitSpin is an epic poem in 140 character bursts. Speaking while female. Rich people raising rich kids. Ebola vaccine! Millennials be dad-ing.

Must read: New York magazine profiles the 35 women that accused Bill Cosby of sexual harassment.


Based on a review in Socialist Worker, Kat and I started Sense8 (streaming on Netflix) and have fallen head over heels. Plus it’s short enough for us to finish before we move; mission accomplished!


Have you tried out Spotify’s new Discover playlist? Two hours of music perfectly curated to your taste (based on your listening history) delivered to you every Monday. I am a FAN.

2 thoughts on “This week

  1. Love the gif! I mange to put on concealer and mascara nearly everyday, but beyond that I’m pretty hopeless. I put on lipstick in the morning sometimes, but then I drink coffee and its gone. So I’ve stopped trying. I need a new shade and I think when I go to buy that I’ll look for something “long lasting.”
    I just Marie Knodo-ed my drawer in the bathroom and got rid of the piles of makeup I bought in college, and the fancy hair brush I’m supposed to use when I blow dry my hair, but I never blow dry my hair.

    • I’m a complete survivalist in the beauty department. I’ve nailed three “fancy” hairstyles and rotate them between weddings. Finally bought a curling iron last year, still don’t own a blow dryer. I used to find some sort of snobbish pleasure in being ~low maintenance~ but it turns out I’m just lazy.

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