This week


Feel those Labor Day ~~vibes~~

I started rewatching Mad Men a few weeks ago and have been feeling some very 60s vibes (also young Peggy!). There’s also something about rewatching a show at 29 that you first watched at 21 that is just a complete mind bender. Betty is 28 is the first season. I’m sure that felt at least half a lifetime away at the time and now I have a weekend off between the weddings of two of my closest childhood friends both of whom have fresh masters’ degrees. Life is a trip, man. The weather isn’t exactly going to cooperate this weekend but I’m hella pumped to have some friend time, start purging my objectionable amount of personal belongings in preparation to move at the end of the month, and maybe even veg the eff out this weekend. I’m thinking a day dedicated to each. What are you up to?


Dirtbag Karl Marx. Security cameras with party hats. Go-to pop culture references. My beautiful friend Sarah on two years of struggling with infertility. This epic Go Fug Yourself thread on bad first dates.

Last week Ten thousand days ago, Boots Riley from The Coup was interviewed by my friend Jesse alongside local artists Gabriel Teodros and Geo. The conversation was incredible and enriching. Read Boots’ new book if you have the chance.


Kat and I finished Sense8 and give it extremely enthusiastic thumbs up. Wilco live on KEXP. Kat introduced me to Kasey Musgraves and her Tiny Desk Concert is just delightful.


Wondaland Records – Hell You Talmbout (Listen immediately and let it really sink in.)

Tell Us Something – I Didn’t Sign Up For Idaho, or, Kim Kardashian’s Got Nothing On Me! (My girl Katie – who just got married! – tells the ultra hilarious story of her first time camping.)

NYPL Podcast – Chimamanda Adichie and Zadie Smith on Race, Writing, and Relationships (“I think it’s important for brilliant women to step out as hot babes.” This far reaching conversation is a dream world.)

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