The Highlands

Remember when I went to Scotland over a year ago? When I first got back from the Highlands I was simply (and rather predictably) overwhelmed with how utterly gorgeous it had been. People would ask about my trip and I would just gush to them about how much I loved Scotland. It was hard to find words and I also felt like I was cheapening the love Scotland and I had shared by obsessing about it to everyone. So I tabled this blog post. Well, I’m about to ditch America for a few weeks and need to space on my phone. Ha! Turns out my heart has a price and that price is photo storage. 

Scotland is unfairly beautiful. Crushingly, overwhlemingly, astoundingly beautiful. I spent three full days in the Highlands driving along winding country roads taking photos out the window on the way to the Isle of Skye. The region has dynamic history that, in many ways, is tied to the US through immigration and America’s general approach to assimilating white cultures.

Though I’m not normally much of a group tour person, I got a great recommendation for the Skye High tour with Haggis Adventures out of Edinburgh. Couldn’t recommend them higher. The price was reasonable, our tour guide was friendly and super knowledgeable, and the tour was extremely well paced. I saw more than I ever would have on my own and didn’t even have to figure out how to drive on the left side of the road.




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