Trader Wino: Beringer Founders’ Estate Zinfandel


Beringer Zinfandel

Beringer Zinfandel, $7

“What do you want with dinner?” “How about that one?” “Nope, I can’t review a third Cab Sauv on the blog. Zinfandel?”

A little taste of California. Beringer’s Founders’ Estate line* combines “quality with everyday value” which seems like a lovely way to spend a weeknight. We paired it with pumpkin risotto and it warmed up nicely after it got some air. I also imagine this would make a great contribution to a low key dinner party.

Bottom line: B+, would definitely drink again.

Your fearless reference guide is always available.

Cin cin!

*I heard from a reliable source that you can buy cases of Beringer wine for a song at Costco. Report back if you take advantage.

Trader Wino: Feeding Frenzy


A whole lotta meh

Public Service Announcement: Club W will deliver wine to your door based on your personal taste. I have not used this service but fellow winos need to know that wine does not require the putting on of pants. You’re welcome.

Feeding Frenzy Cabernet Sauvignon, $5

Kat and I are celebrating Winevent this year. That would be a wine Advent calendar. Aaaaaaaaaand that’s your jealous face that you didn’t think of it first. Next year.

We cracked this one open some time last week and were pretty underwhelmed. It’s just boring and not very good. Our knowledge of wine comes from solely drinking a lot of it so we spent a solid ten minutes standing on either side of the kitchen counter trying to pinpoint exactly why we didn’t like it. It wasn’t sour…it was just  wasn’t dynamic. It landed on one part of your tongue and just sat there. It was like making out with a bad kisser. You should be better than this!

It would probably pinch hit in a slow cooker beef stew. Or something. But don’t drink it on it’s own.

Bottom Line: C- Better than a kick in the shins but won’t buy again.

And don’t forget your easy reference spreadsheet.

Cin cin!

Trader Wino: Blackstone Cab Sauv

Good Lord, it’s come to this. Last night I posted a bit of a lushy comment on facebook, “I really need to keep better track of the wine I’ve tried and liked at Trader Joe’s.” It was meant to get a few laughs but the lovely Carrie joked I should make it into a blog feature. My mom will be so proud!


Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon, $7

I picked this up to bring to a low key potluck after a long week. It’s a busy time of year at work and my boss is taking all of next week off for Thanksgiving so we were finishing things right up until 5pm. I was super looking forward to kicking up my feet and relaxing with friends.

Right out of the bottle the first glass was delicious. A little jam-y but not sweet, it went well with the crackers and brie laid out as an appetizer. Nick made skillet beans for dinner and the wine complimented the coziness of such a simple meal well. I’d love to try it with a kale and sausage stew or some extra dark chocolate for dessert.

Bottom line: A- Will buy again. A dependable everyday wine to pair with a warm meal.

PS. I love you and I made you a spreadsheetCin cin!