This week

Cherry Blossoms, First Hill, Seattle

There is nothing more glorious than spring. Heaven is sunglasses, a light sweater, iced coffee, and falling cherry blossoms forever.


Approved catcalls. Raising anti-racist children in a racist world. 2050 and feminism’s victory.


Kat and I hit season six in our Gilmore Girls rewatch and can we all agree that season six Rory is the WORST? White Pots. The Dip: the Mimosa sessions.


Beat Connection – Illusion (very strong morning dance party material)

Book Review: Shades of Milk and Honey

Shades of Milk and Honey Book Trailer

Shades of Milk and Honey, Mary Robinette Kowal

In a different kind of Regency England, Jane Ellsworth lives a modest life. Unmarried at 28, she has accepted her life of visiting neighbors and entertaining friends and family with her skill in glamour, until new neighbors move to the neighborhood. Jane’s skill sets her apart from her prettier and more charming younger sister but in ways suitors never seem to admire. Kowal traces the familiar framework of “the marriage plot” as Jane finds a true match.

Remember how when I was in Bath, I was super obsessed with Jane Austen? Well, that’s kind of my everyday life. I’ve read Pride and Prejudice a billion times, I have a LOT of opinions on the merits of the BBC P&P vs. the Keira Knightly P&P, and my friend Elissa convince me to watch North and South (available on Netflix) by telling me it was “Jane Austen in Manchester”. So a book that’s “Jane Austen….with magic” should be an air tight sell, right? Uh, kinda. The plot was standard for one set in Regency England: lots of brokered glances, confused sisters, and a marriage at the end. But Jane’s talent with “glamour” seemed like a weak stand in for painting or archery or other high class skill that appeals to both men and women. The addition of magic wasn’t as fantastical as Harry Potter and since it didn’t dramatically change the landscape the characters existed in it felt unnecessary. I read the book in about four days, it was a great commuter read and would probably be a great beach or plane companion. If you get particularly immersed, Kowal appears to have a whole series.

Lizzie rating: B

Favorite Things: February

Frequency by xkcd

Kate Middleton and Helen Mirren.

House of Cards season two and texting my dad my reactions (and receiving his the next morning).

Western Light, a new photography collective featuring weekly photos by some of my favorite lady photogs.

Band of Horses’ Acoustic at the Ryman album that I just discovered. I didn’t think it was possible to love “Detlef Schrempf” more. I was wrong.

True confession: I’m an advice column junkie. I can’t get enough. Evie introduced me to Ask Polly and I’m working my way through the archive.

Speaking of Evie, she started a weekly newsletter and I’m completely addicted. Subscribe.

The SJP Collection instagram feed is killing it. And she’ll be in Seattle next week! I’m thinking I need a pair for Sparky’s wedding. 4″ stilettos in a rustic barn is totally sensible right? WWCD?

I’m in DC through Sunday and while I miss Seattle (decent coffee is a joke here) I’m really looking forward to getting out and exploring the restaurant scene tonight and tomorrow. Happy weekend!


Last night’s sunset over the Potomac

Weekend Brunch: Kale and Onion Frittata


Looks like its going to be a good day.

Let’s have a great weekend, shall we? A great weekend for me involves a balance of relaxing and getting shit done. Starting out with a great breakfast walks that line just right.

Sautee half an onion until translucent. I threw in some diced yellow pepper because I had some, but it’s not required. Toss in several handfuls of washed and chopped kale, salt a bit, and cook until tender. In a separate bowl, whisk five eggs together until a creamy yellow. Pour over the sauteed vegetables. Turn the heat down to help cook the eggs more evenly. As the eggs begin to cook, lift the sides of the frittata and let uncooked eggs fill the space. When 90% cooked, top with parmesan. Slice and enjoy!

Making time


Unexpected space

Last week I showed up for a meeting an hour early. I had written down 8:30 in my work calendar but remembered 8am and then the bus magically took no time at all. I was stunned by this unexpected windfall. And because no one likes to here how busy you are, I will just say that I appreciated the quiet.

But busyness is real. Mile-long to do lists are tangible. Over-committed exists and it feels like drowning. And while I’d like to untangle myself  from this what I think I really want to do is find a way to not complain about it. I mean, really, Elizabeth Jane, who died and made you more important than everyone else? (Hint: no one.)

In my unanticipated reprieve I got a cup of coffee and read my book. I did not respond to emails or check twitter or flip through my flagged notes. I just sat there and read. It was the best kind of loneliness.

Out and About: Rock Creek


Exposed beams and modern chandeliers

“I do love a good oyster.” “Mmmmm….oysters.” “Hey. Wanna go get some oysters? I know a place.” And so, off Kristin and I went. We’ve been friends for thirteen years after bonding over a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Mr. Landon’s freshman biology class. Now that K lives in Austin the bulk of our time spent together is shoving as much glorious Northwest seafood into our mouths as possible while she’s home. This weekend was no exception. We ordered one of each of oysters available and rated them on a scale of delicious to sweet, briny perfection.


A cornerstone of friendship



My favorite Texan

Rock Creek is open for weekend brunch and dinner (and late night oyster snacks)  in Fremont.

Thanksgiving in (mostly) pictures


Early morning prep


My mom insisted on playing Cards Against Humanity. I insisted on sorting out the worst cards.




Reuben brought bacon wrapped asparagus. He will be invited back.


Leo! And a turkey! They may be in CA but at least they take the photos I ask for.


(Clockwise) Apple-cranberry, sweet potato, pumpkin, chocolate bundt


The most special of days

Out and About: Stoneburner


Siiri and I wanted to start the long weekend early. We had bought tickets to a show at the Tractor and were debating where to meet up for a drink beforehand. My brother Mike worked at Stoneburner before he moved to Chicago. Despite the big, open windows of summer, the bar felt better suited to fall and winter. A good whiskey list tends to have that effect on me.


The bar has a slight Baz Lurhmann quality to it

Side note: I’m really terrible at saying no to good alcohol. I had this master plan where I was going to have one drink then go to the show and be in bed at a reasonable hour so I could whip through my last few to dos before the long weekend. My bill was supposed to be less than $15. But delicious drinks are delicious. And sometimes bartenders convince you to do things you want to do anyway. And then Manhattan. I have yet to regret making the choice to order a Manhattan.


Improved Yorktown Cocktail: Rye, Applejack, Green Chartreuse, Bitters

Stoneburner is open for lunch, brunch, and dinner in the heart of Ballard Avenue.

Stand with Grocery Workers!

grocery workers

Puget Sound area grocery workers are going on strike Monday night. Workers at QFC, Safeway, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer are walking out for better pay, increased job safety, and a voice on the job. I’m proud to support them.

Like their page on facebook for updates on the strike and to leave messages of solidarity. And because they know ordinary need to grocery shop strike organizers compiled a handy list of union grocery store alternatives so you don’t have to cross picket lines.