Out and About: Agrodolce


Agrodolce, Fremont, Seattle

Real talk: I was browsing restaurants for a birthday dinner when I noticed that Agrodolce offered a bottomless mimosa at brunch. Don’t need to tell me twice. I barely had to coax my buddy N into going with me.

Extra real talk: once we got to brunch we realized we both had too many actual responsibilities to get day drunk in the middle of a perfectly good Saturday. Adulthood, man, it’s so weird. You can literally do whatever you want. They give you a little piece of personalized plastic that allows you to drive a two ton vehicle and provides proof that you can imbibe as many glasses of champagne as the nice server can legally bring you. But then you have to deal with the consequences. So freeing. So lame. I had one glass of champagne and went to the post office to buy stamps.


Spring strata with arugula

The food is redonk. So so good. I came in hungry so our server suggested I try the strata over the fried soft boiled eggs but I’m coming back for those puppies for sure. I mean, it’s a soft boiled egg that’s been breaded and deep fried. Yes please forever. N had the mushroom omelette which was essentially an ode to the glorious marriage of yolk-y perfection and rich, earthy ‘shrooms.


Agrodolce, Seattle

I know there are folks out there with mixed opinions of brunch. Standing in line with a bunch of under-caffeinated hipsters does sound like the first circle of hell (race you there, virtuous pagans). However, there is something particularly wonderful about someone else cooking a beautiful breakfast while you sip your coffee and laugh at squirrel jokes in the sunshine. If every brunch could be like that, I’d never cook before noon again.

Agrodolce is open daily for lunch and dinner plus weekend brunch in Fremont. Also, check out owner Maria Hines on Iron Chef.

Weekend Brunch: Feta and Chive Sour Cream Biscuits

Recipe: Feta and Chive Sour Cream Scones via Joy the Baker

Soundtrack: Songs for Dancing in the Kitchen, a playlist by The Kitchn


Saturday love

Let’s not talk about how many biscuits I ate this weekend. It was more than two and less than 100. I’m an adult that accepts responsibility for her choices. I have no regrets.

Biscuits are secular Communion. These came together in under an hour, measuring cup to plate. (“Plate” is obviously a technical term, Kat and I ate our first one standing over the stove.) They feel tradition worthy. Luckily, our gal Joy has plenty of biscuits to work through. I plan to fall on that sword.

These biscuits were the building block of a great Saturday. They helped determine that I would wake up at a reasonable time and go to early morning lap swim. The promise of these biscuits made me extra friendly and I forged a new acquaintance at the pool. These biscuits kept me full through a haircut (hello again, bangs!) and the crafting of my own liqueur. We even reconvened for a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

Biscuits make me a better person. We could all stand to be improved by biscuits.

Weekend Brunch: Hash Four Ways


Same base, different toppings

We had some house guests Sunday morning. One is a regular (hi, Reubs!*) and one from California. While everyone hung out, woke up with a cup of coffee, and nursed a political hangover from debating theory all day Saturday, I pulled together a quick hash based on odds and ends in the fridge. When folks began announcing their different toppings preferences (I’m sorry, is this a democracy? Fineeeee.) I immediately remembered the venn diagram approach from Dinner A Love Story. It’s my favorite way to tailor to people’s requests without losing the grace that inspired me to cook for them in the first place.

On the fly hash

Saute onion and garlic in olive oil over medium high heat. Once they’ve sweated out a bit and picked up a little color, add slivered brussels sprouts and cook until tender. If you eat animals, push the vegetable mixture to the sides of the pan to make a hole in the middle. Add chopped, pre-cooked sausage and saute until warm and golden. Serve topped with a fried egg (Kat), avocado (Jessica), both (Liz), or nothing (Reuben).

*This greetings will be increasingly less friendly the longer you hold out on the Buffalo mac-n-cheese.

Weekend Brunch: Brussels Sprout Hash

Recipe: Adapted from Braised Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta via Shutterbean
Soundtrack: The North Borders by Bonobo


Sweet Saturday morning

What a supremely lazy morning. It’s 12:25 and I’m still in my pajamas. We’ve technically moved to the afternoon and I give exactly zero cares.

Brussels sprouts seem to have gotten a bad rep somewhere along the line but they are hands down one of my favorite things about fall. (Also! Beaujolais season! Which I remembered is nearly here!) Because we’re friends and my Pinterest privacy settings are low I will tell you I have an entire board devoted to them. They are that good.

For this hash I just sauteed onion, brussels, and some diced Canadian bacon in some olive oil and topped with two fried eggs. Simple. Straightforward. Delicious.

(And yes, I totally broke the yoke while cracking these eggs into the pan. We’re all human.)

Weekend Brunch: Savory Waffles and Friends

Recipe: Mashed Potato Waffles from Joy the Baker
Soundtrack: Brunch soundtrack masterfully selected by two talented, awesome people

I co-hosted a super fun brunch this past weekend. In exchange for making some seriously delicious savory waffles, my friends brought their bacon and mimosa A-game. The sun magically appeared and everyone got a little day drunk. Thanks so much for a wonderful, relaxed Saturday!


Wet meet dry


Waffle action


The finished beauties


Presenting the finished beauties. Photo by Beth.


Ron Swanson breakfast. Photo by Beth.


Secular Communion.

Weekend Brunch: Apple Pie

Recipe: Kat’s Family Secret (I turned my head when the Crisco was measured so I could live in innocence)

Soundtrack: The Electric Lady by Janelle Monae

This only counts as brunch because I definitely had a reheated slice for second breakfast this morning (happy Hobbit Day!). It’s rainy in Seattle today and it just feels like the perfect day to curl up with a blanket and warm pie.

Kat handles the sweets in our friendship. She’s a good one like that. In exchange for peeling approximately 845 apples I got a glass of wine and pie. Not the worst deal in the world.



And because Kat is the cutest, I put her on instagram. AND THEN JOY THE BAKER LIKED MY PHOTO. And I died. Ps. Joy totally follows me on IG. Yeah, I’m that awesome.


Weekend Brunch: Cinnamon Rolls and a Dream Deferred

Recipe of the week: Chai-Spiced Cinnamon Rolls from Joy the Baker
Worth Listening: A Dream Deferred? MLK, Trayvon and the fight against racism today via We Are Many

Weekends are for sleeping in and catching up. They are the space and the breathing room. They are the extra time to think.

On weekend mornings I like nothing better than to make a pot of coffee and have a good breakfast. I had a sleepover with my favorite little family last night and as a thank you to the hardest working mom and dad in Leo business, I whipped up some overnight cinnamon rolls. Cooking clears my head, it lets me be creative, it’s another way to be close to people I care about, it’s my favorite hobby. The company makes the meal and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by smart, committed people.

Later, I was watching this panel. An incredible, amazing panel featuring some of the most inspiring activists around. Much has been said in the last weeks about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The liberal and leftwing press have written thousands of words about the progress America still has to make towards King’s dream. That is important. Dr. King once spoke about the “fierce urgency of now”. Now is important. Now is people’s lives. This collection of speakers are different. They take the assessment of the work still to be done and push it further through analysis of our society and connect it to action. The urgency of now informed by the lessons of the past.