London: Day trip to Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath

Travel within Britain is weirdly really expensive. I’m normally way too cheap to pay for a guided tour but it ended up being significantly cheaper than booking trains or buses a la cart. And so, we set off on an epic 12 hour whirlwind through the English countryside!

Salisbury Cathedral is a magnificent early Gothic Cathedral with the tallest spire in Europe. Built in an impressive 38 years beginning 1220, it’s one of the few Cathedrals in England in one unified style. As it was signed nearby the Cathedral also houses one of the four remaining originals of the Magna Carta (sadly, no photos allowed).

20130728-233239.jpgOriginal Medieval stained glass.


Driving through Salisbury Plain en route to Stonehenge you’re struck by the simple, pastoral beauty. Stonehenge was a bit underwhelming to be entirely honest. The engineering is impressive and the mystery surrounding the site is, of course, very perplexing but its some upright rocks in a big, pretty field. But, hey, I’ve got an informed opinion of it now.

The day ended with a stop in Bath to see the Roman ruins. The baths have been impressively maintained and you really get a feel for the splendor. The engineering was so sound that everything is still in working order. Even the original lead lining in the main bathing pool is still water tight! Impressive work, Romans.

Bath itself is just lovely, I wish we had more time to explore the town. And the Jane Austen Center is there so I will definitely be back. The countryside is so peaceful.



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