Christmas Week: A Working Stiff’s Survival Guide

If you are like me, you’re working at least part of this week. Luckily, there is the internet!

Dance Off: Tom Hiddleston vs Benedict Cumberbatch

Pussy Riot is free!

Hipster baby name generator. Too fun! Too ridiculous!

GFY’s 2014 Vogue cover predictions. Probably the most fun I’ll have all day.

I’m thinking this mac and cheese should happen ASAP. It’s too bad Kat doesn’t like mushrooms….who wants to come over?

The new Eldridge album made me late for work this morning. I regret nothing.

These podcasts from Filmspotting were recommended by Sarah of The Comyn Space.

Ready to dig into some theory? This article on Black feminism and intersectionality is not short but it is so so good and so so worth your time.

SNL can be hit and miss but Jimmy Fallon is just hilarious. Want to go down a Jimmy and Justin on SNL rabbit hole? Enter here.

Lena! Mindy! Together in Rookie. And the people rejoiced. Speaking of Rookie, their Ask a Grown Man series is everything.

And finally, get lost in some of my favorite blogs: Another Damn Life, Ohio on Purpose, Girls Gone Child, Better in Real Life, Mansplained Marxist


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